Concrete Cylinder Mold set in Bangladesh


  • Cylinder mold 
  • Standard: ASTM grade 
  • Included: 3pcs mold 1 tapping rode 
  • Size: 100×200
  • Made in Bangladesh 


cylinder mold for concrete in Bangladesh


The concrete cylinder is the most common sample type for tests of concrete compressive strength.

Cylinder Molded multihulls have come a long way in the last twenty nine years.

The technology of modern multihulls is changing very rapidly. A design that was called “state of the art” two or three years ago, is obsolete and overweight now. The implications are several. If you survey the common methods of hull construction, there are a lot of expensive wrong turns
available to one, both in dollars and in product. Lets look at some of them.

  1. Include a detachable base plate.
  2. Dimension: 100x200mm
  3. Material: Metallic Steel (Mining Steel)
  4. Weight: 9kgs (approx.)
  5. Wall thickness(mm): 4mm
  6. 1Set = 3 Pcs Cylinder with Metallic Rod (temping rod )
  7. Made in Bangladesh




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