Portable Refractometer ATC 0-100% brix in Bangladesh


  • Application: Aquarium, Marine Monitoring, Saltwater Testing
  • Range: 0-100% Brix
  • Country of Origin: China


Refractometers are precision optical instruments designed to measure the concentration or mixture ratio of water soluble. Easy to use, just place a few drops of juice on the prism glass and hold up to the light. And ATC refractometers automatically compensate temperature changes so the user can just drop a few drops of a juice and read. The Hand-Held Refractometers provide with a direct reading of the Scales, and have been professionally designed for testing of concentration of many kinds of solution listed as following: Juices, Beverages, Honey, Salt water, Brine, Cleaning fluid, battery fluid, Antifreeze and Industrial fluids etc.


Brix scale range 0-100% brix
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 10℃~30℃
Accuracy: ±0.2%
Easy to use, place 2~3 drops of sample on the main prism, close the daylight plate and look through the eyepiece for Brix reading.
Package Weight: 7.83oz
Package Size: 8.07*3.29*2.17in

Packing included:
Wiping cloth
English Instruction manual
Plastic Case



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