Slump Cone with tamping Rod & base plate


  • Slump Cone set
  • standard: ASTM grade 
  • Include: tamping Rod ,base plate, con
  • materiel: : MS
  • country of origin:  Bangladesh



Slump Cone with tamping Rod & base plate 

Consistency of concrete is another way of expressing workability but it is more

confined to the parameters of water content. Thus, concrete of the same consistency

may vary in workability. One test which measures the consistency of concrete is the

slump test. It does not measure the workability of concrete but it is very useful in

detecting variations in the uniformity of a mix of given nominal proportions.

Mixes of stiff consistency have zero slump. In this dry range no variation can be

detected between mixes of different workability. In a lean mix with a tendency to

harshness a true slump can easily change to the shear slump or even to collapse.

Too high or too low a slump gives

immediate warning and enables the mixer operator to remedy the situation




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