Accurate pH 8 soil tester


  • Measuring range: 3-8pH 1-8 moisture
  • Resolution: ±0.2pH
  • Accuracy: ±0.2pH (suitable for agricultural field and classroom experiments)
  • Operation temperature: 5~50c (41~122F)
  • Country of Origin: China


Accurate pH 8 soil tester

Measuring the pH and moisture levels in your soil is easy with the accurate pH and Moisture Meter. The 30 cm probe makes it easy to take measurements at multiple different depths.


Users can toggle between the two different measurement readings by pressing a button. The large display screen will make it easy to determine the meter’s measurements at a quick glance.


– Long probe for measuring different depths

– Easy toggling between measurements with a button click

– Large display screen

– Suitable for home gardens, classroom experiments and agricultural field

This dual meter offers fast, simple easy and accurate method to measure both pH

And moisture level of different kinds of soil. Soil pH value plays a huge role in how

Well plans can grow and in the production of quality crops. By testing your soil.

You determine its conditions so that you adjust is more effectively and economically to achieve optimum result.


It measures pH value from 3 to 8 indicating the acidity and alkalinity while the great for quick pH and pH moisture reference of vineyards, field produce, nurser planters’ lawn maintenance, gardens, plants



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