Dial gauge indicator 0.01-0.25mm in Bangladesh


  • Dial gauge indicator
  • Range 0.01-0.25mm 
  • Made in china


Dial gauge indicator 0.01-0.25mm

A dial indicator is an instrument with either jeweled or plain bearings, precisely finished gears, pinions, and other precision parts designed to produce accurate measurements. It is possible to take measurements ranging from one-thousandth (0.001 inch or one mil) to 50 millionths of an inch.


Dial gauges are used for checking flatness of surfaces; parallelism of bar and rods; and detecting small differences if any in linear measurement of identical objects. A dial gauge is also used for measuring concentricity of round objects. These are available in inches as well as in millimeter.

The spindle extends from the bottom of your gauge and is used to take the measurements. To take a measurement, you will press it against what is being measured. The length of the spindle that can be inserted into the gauge during the measurement will correspond with the measurement that appears on the dial face.




  • Dial indicators are precision measuring tools with a huge number of applications in the machine shop.


  • Contact point made of stainless steel.


  • Hard chrome-plated stem, precision ground and palate.


  • Shock proof construction.


  • Simple structure, convenient use and maintenance. High sensitivity, stable and reliable accuracy.


  • Used to measure shaft runout, thrust shaft, gear backlash, flywheel face runout, housing concentricity, and safety valve concentricity.





guitar pick:

  • Material: Metal
  • Measuring range: 0-25mm
  • Measuring accuracy: 0.01mm



Package list:

  • 1*0.01mm dial gauge




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