Full Body Blood Circulation & Foot Massager Machine




1.Massage bump: hundreds of bumps, according to ergonomics, meet your foot points, give your legs, buttocks, abdominal and other comfortable experience
2.Simple hand controller: simple handheld design, one-piece startup, easy to understand, easy to use for the elderly
3.High frequency spiral vibration: it can quickly dredge the blood channel barrier, relax the channels and activate collateral.it has the effect of blood circulation, improving the metabolism, removing the toxin in the body and eliminating the excess fat in the body
4.Infrared thermal moxibustion: the use of healthy heat, even in the winter, you can also enjoy the fun of massage
5.The effect of super long wave: entering deep body can help blood circulation, stretch muscles, have an effective relief of all kinds of pain
6.Overheat protection: the top side of the product is carefully designed to overheat fusing switch, to prevent leakage of electricity safety hazards


Tips to use:
Some products add thermal protection function, that is, after 20 minutes of use, user may turn off the machine, until the motor is cold, it can continue to use, thus invisibly improving the service life of the motor. Please do not use if –

It is advisible for pregnent women not to use this product.


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