Hioki 3280 -10F AC Clam Meter Japan


  • AC Clam Meter
  • Brand: Hioki
  • Model: 3280 – 10F
  • Country of Origin: Japan





We define measurement tolerances in terms of rdg. (reading) and dgt. (digit) values, with the following meanings:


(reading or

displayed value)

The value currently being measured and

indicated on the measuring instrument.




The smallest displayable unit on a digital

measuring instrument, i.e., the input value

that causes the digital display to show a “1”

as the least-significant digit.


Basic Specifications:

Maximum input


• Jaw (3280-10F) 2000 A AC continuous (45 Hz to 66 Hz)

• Flexible loop (3280-10F+CT6280) 4200 A AC continuous (50 Hz to 60 Hz)

Maximum input


600 V AC/DC and 3×106 V·Hz or less (ACV/DCV)


600 V AC/DC (ACV/DCV/Ω/continuity)
Maximum rated voltage to earth • Jaw, CT6280 600 V (Measurement category III), 300 V (Measurement category IV) (Anticipated transient overvoltage: 6000 V)

• Voltage measurement terminal 300 V (Measurement category III) (Anticipated transient overvoltage: 4000 V)

AC measurement method Average value measurement RMS method
Display update rate 400 ms ±25 ms
Noise rejection


NMRR DCV −40 dB or more (50 Hz/60 Hz)

CMRR DCV −100 dB or more

(−50 Hz/60 Hz, 1 kΩ unbalance)

ACV −60 dB or more (50 Hz/60 Hz, 1 kΩ unbalance)

But, −45 dB or more for 600 V range

Zero-display range 5 counts (AC Current, jaw – flexible loop)


General Specifications:

Operating environment Indoors, pollution degree 2,

altitude up to 2000 m (6562 ft.)

Operating temperature and humidit • Temperature; −25°C to 65°C (−13.0°F to 149.0°F) (40 MΩ range: up to 40°C)

• Humidity (no condensation); Less than 40°C (104.0°F): 80% RH or less At least 40°C (104.0°F) but less than 45°C (113.0°F): 60% RH or less At least 45°C (113.0°F) but less than 50°C (122.0°F): 50% RH or less At least 50°C (122.0°F) but less than 55°C (131.0°F): 40% RH or less At least 55°C (131.0°F) but less than 60°C (140.0°F): 30% RH or less At least 60°C (140.0°F) but less than 65°C (149.0°F): 25% RH or less

Storage temperature and humidity −25°C to 65°C (−13°F to 149°F),

80% RH or less (no condensation)

Dust resistance and water resistance IP40 (in storage, EN 60529)
Drop-proof functionality 1 m on concrete
Standards Safety: EN61010 EMC:


Power supply CR2032 Coin-shaped lithium battery ×1 (3 V DC)

Maximum rated power: 15 mVA

Continuous operating time Approx. 120 hours

(AC current measurement mode, continuous, unloaded)

Dimensions 3280-10F: Approx. 57W×175H×16D mm (2.24″W × 6.89″H × 0.63″D)

• CT6280: Approx. 42W×65H×18D mm (1.65″W × 2.56″H × 0.71″D) (excluding the flexible loop and output cable)

Weight • 3280-10F: Approx. 100 g (3.5 oz.) (including battery)

• CT6280: Approx. 71 g (2.5 oz.)

Product warranty period 3280-10F, CT6280: 3 years
Accessories • 9398 Carrying Case

• L9208 Test lead

• CR2032 Coin-shaped lithium battery

• Instruction Manua

Options • CT6280 AC Flexible Current Sensor (Attachment is included)

• 9209 Test Leads Holder

• L4933 Contact Pin Set (Can be connected to the tip of the L9208, which comes with the instrument.)

• L4934 Small Alligator Clip Set (Can be connected to the tip of the L9208, which comes with the instrument.)



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