IEC(A) formulation non-phosphate Reference detergent James Heal 2kg


  • IEC(A) formulation non-phosphate detergent
  • Brand: James heal
  • weight: 2kg
  • Country of Origin: UK


IEC(A) formulation non-phosphate Reference detergent James Heal.


Phosphates are commonly used in detergents due to their ability to enhance cleaning power and prevent the buildup of mineral deposits on surfaces. However, phosphates can have negative consequences when they enter waterways. They contribute to eutrophication, which is the excessive growth of algae and aquatic plant life, leading to oxygen depletion and harm to aquatic ecosystems.


The detergent is designed to remove a wide range of common stains and dirt from various surfaces, including fabrics, dishes, glassware, and hard surfaces. It can effectively tackle grease, oils, food residues, and other common contaminants encountered in everyday cleaning tasks.


IEC(A) formulation Non-Phosphate Detergent is generally safe to use and compatible with most washing machines, dishwashers, and cleaning equipment. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper usage and dosage recommendations. IEC(A) formulation Non-Phosphate Detergent-A



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