ISO Crocking Cloth James Heal (5x5cm)


  • ISO Crocking Cloth James Heal
  • Brand: James Heal
  • model: Rubbing Cloth
  • Size: 5x5cm
  • QTY: 500pcs per box
  • Country of Origin: UK


Rubbing Cloth 500 Pcs per Box

Cotton Lawn, which is also known as Crocking Cloth and Cotton Rubbing Cloth, is used for dry and wet colour fastness to rubbing tests specified in ISO 105-X12 and in AATCC Test Method 8.

The manufacturing specifications for the cloths used for ISO and AATCC test methods are different and, as they give different

Results, they should not be mixed.

We manufacture both ISO and AATCC cloths strictly in accordance with the specifications and evidence of compliance is available as free of charge Certificates of Conformity.

  • Color fastness to rubbing is the most basic of color fastness tests. The dyed sample is rubbed, under controlled conditions, against the white crocking cloth. Subsequently, the degree of color transfer is evaluated using a Grey Scale for assessing Staining.
  • We manufacture both ISO  cloths in accordance with their different specifications.




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