Liquid Limit Tester BD plastic limit bd


  • Liquid Limit Tester 
  • Standard: ASTM grade 
  • applicable: soil test
  • operate: By Hand   
  • Country of Origin: India 


A synthesis of investigations by Norman (1958), Sridharan and Prakash (2000) and Dragoni et al. (2008), resulting in the 35 data points shown in Figure 1, shows the soft

KEYWORDS: Plasticity, Identification and Classification of Soils, Texture Plasticity and Density Characteristics of Soils


  1.  All the parts, components, accessories, fittings of the equipment shall be brand new and of current production and shall be factory in built.
  2.  Compliance: The apparatus shall comply ASTM D4318 & AASHTO T89 Standard.
  3. Brand: Worldwide reputed brand. Liquid Limit Devices
  4. Country of Origin: The Country of origin having HDI minimum 0.85 according to United Nations HDI latest list.
  5. Country of Manufacturing: The manufacturing country having HDI minimum 0.85 according to United Nations HDI latest list.
  6. Country of Shipment: Shipment country shall be of same as country of origin.
  7. Liquid-Limit Device: A mechanical device consisting a brass cup suspended from a carriage designed to control its drop onto a hard rubber base. The flat-grooving-tool shall have a radius of curvature 50mm, width 40mm, thickness 2mm. The width of the triangular portion shall be 11mm at the base and 2mm at the tip. The grooving side shall have a beveled edge of 600 angle
  8. Accessories: All the accessories related to the operation of the above mentioned Apparatus. Liquid Limit Devices



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