Ranging Rod for Surveying


  • Ranging Rod 
  • material: MS 
  • Color : red & white 
  • Size: 2m
  • Made in china 


Ranging Rod for Surveying

Ranging poles (see Fig. 7) are used to mark areas and to set out straight lines on the field. They are also used to mark points which must be seen from a distance, in which case a flag may be attached to improve the visibility. Ranging poles are straight round stalks, 3 to 4 cm thick and about 2 m long.

 A ranging rod, also known as a leveling rod or staff, is an essential tool used in surveying and construction projects to obtain accurate height or elevation measurements. It is typically a long, slender, and graduated rod made from materials like wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. The rod’s surface is marked with precise graduations, allowing surveyors to read height values directly when it is held vertically at specific points on the ground.


Ranging rods of greater length, e.g. 3 to 6 m, are called ranging or range poles, and are used for very long survey lines. Another type of ranging rod is known as an offset rod, which has no flag at the top. It is used for measuring small offsets from the survey line when the work is of an ordinary nature.


Range poles are survey instruments that are used for spotting and marking the position of survey stations. They can also be used to range straight lines. If a range rod is longer than 12 feet, it’s called a ranging pole. And it can be used for measuring long survey lines along property boundaries.



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