Refractometer ATC 0-80% volume alcohol


  • Hand Refractometer
  • Range: 0-80%
  • Application: alcohol 
  • Country of origin: China


1. With the COVER PLATE open, clean the PRISM with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface.
2. Aim the refractometer toward a light source and rotate the EYEPIECE to obtain the clearest focus.
3. Zero Point Calibration:

  • Open the COVER PLATE.
    1. Apply a few drops of the included Distilled Water onto the PRISM platform.
    2. Close the COVER PLATE.
  • 3. Turn the CALIBRATION SCREW until the dark and light boundary line coincides with the bottom line of the scale.
    4. Carefully dry the prism platform and COVER PLATE.
    5. Aim the front of the refractometer towards the light source and focus the eyepiece on the boundary line.
    6. The boundary line indicates the brix percentage of the test sample at 20°C.
    7. After use, clean the prism with distilled water and a cloth to remove any residue.



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