Variac 3KVA three (3) phase or Voltage control Regulator


  • Voltage control Regulator
  • Capacity: 3KVA
  • Phase: three (3) phase
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Country of origin: China


Variac 3KVA three phase or Voltage control Regulator


What is a Variable Transformer? Variable transformers provide a simple, rugged method of controlling electrical voltage, current and power.

Variac transformers provide step-down AC to DC conversion by connecting the output to a rectifier circuit


Variac transformers are Variable AC Power Supplies that provide adjustable AC voltage.


MagnaValve Controllers. The Variac is a variable AC transformer that provides 0-120 Vac output voltage to the MagnaValve. With zero volts applied to the MagnaValve, the permanent magnets hold the shot. Application of voltage will cancel the permanent magnets’ holding force and allow the shot to flow.


A variac is a variable auto-transformer.

Variac transformers behave like step-down or step-up voltage regulators by applying basic electrical principles.. The adjustable end connects to a carbon brush, which the user turns via a dial knob.




The variable autotransformer’s output voltage changes as the secondary winding’s turn position shifts.




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