Volumetric Flask 1.2.5ml Pyrex


  • Volumetric Flask
  • Brand: Pyrex
  • Size: 1.2.5ml
  • Country of Origin: India


Volumetric Flask 1.2.5ml Pyrex

From a typical school curriculum to professional research facilities, the use of pyrex volumetric flask is an essential part of a chemistry experiment. Flasks are primarily used to contain solutions and have a narrower neck compared to their bodies. Flask requests may differ based on the needs. They can be made of glass or plastic and can have a variety of volumes they can hold.

If your customers are looking for flasks for filtering purposes, then a Buchner flask will be able to fit their requirements. It is also known as a suction flask and has a flat bottom. They are typically made of thick and resistant glass and shaped like a cone.



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