Double Prism Optical Square in Bangladesh


  • Double Prism
  • Application: land survey 
  • Materiel: aluminum
  • Country of origin:  China


Double Prism Optical Square

The Double Prism Optical Square comprises two pentaprisms of quality optical glass, housed in a sturdy aluminum casing.

Hand Held without Plumb

Fast estimation of alignment,

where exact position is not critical

hold the viewing window to the line of sight,

Obtain the alignment required.

Hand Held with Plumb

By hanging a Plumb Bob into the slot on the shaft,


Set on a Ranging Pole

maintaining a standard height for line of sight,

using a plumbing level to get a true vertical from the point of alignment.


A right angle set with the Optical Square will be true to approximately ±1cm at about 30m.

Care and Maintenance

The Optical Square is a simple t. It will withstand minor knocks and bangs and cannot go out of alignment. . Clean the prisms with alcohol & cotton buds or photographic lens tissue to avoid smea



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