Refractometer ATC 28-62%Brix for Sugar Content Testing


  • Refractometer ATC
  • Range: 28-62%Brix
  • application: Sugar Content
  • Made in china 


A refractometer is an optical measuring device used to measure the refractive index of various liquids. There are different types of refractometers, some of which are stationery and others handheld. However, they all work on the same principle of the refractive index of light.
With a refractometer you can measure the sugar content of fruit and malt, the water content of honey, the ability of antifreeze to keep liquids frost-free, the density of urine or the acid content of a battery. Likewise, a refractometer can measure saline solutions in seawater and the alcohol content of clear spirits or the alcohol solution in ex. IPA alcohol in geothermal heating systems.
This refractometer is particularly suitable for measuring of the Brix value. This means that you can determine the sugar content of a wide variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, juices, and many other types of beverages that contain sugar. In addition, Brix refractometers are also particularly ideal for monitoring processes in various branches of industry (coolant monitoring, oils and fats).
Temperature Compensation (ATC) that automatically correct temperature discrepancies during use. Body of full copper, which makes this refractometer resistant to chemical corrosion, and the service life is increased many times compared to ordinary aluminum houses.

This particular refractometer has the following specifications:
⦁ Measurement Range: 28-62% Brix
⦁ Resolution: 0,2% Brix
⦁ Accuracy: ± 0,20%
⦁ With Automatic Temperature Correction (ATC)
⦁ Size (Length x Ø dia. mm): 157 x Ø40 mm
⦁ Weight: 178 gram
⦁ Body Material: Full Copper

Main areas of application:
⦁ Industry: Process and quality control, lubricant control
⦁ Food processing industry: Beverages, fruits, sweets
⦁ Agriculture: Determining the ripeness of the fruit for quality control during harvest
⦁ Restaurants and industrial kitchens


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