Analog DC ammeter or bench meter ED-205 (DC50/500mA/5A) Taiwan


Analog DC ammeter or bench meter

Brand: SEW

Model:ED-205 (DC50/500mA/5A)

Made in Taiwan



Analog DC ammeter or bench meter ED-205 (DC50/500mA/5A)


Analog ammeters, also known as current meters, are metered instruments that measure current flow in amperes. Current levels are displayed on a dial, usually with a moving pointer or needle made of a soft iron


Analog is anything with an infinite resolution. Vs digital which is 1 or 0. DC is Alternating Current. The current flows one way for a period of time and then reverses and flows the opposite direction for another period. DC can represent analog or digital signals.



Ammeter, instrument for measuring either direct (DC) or alternating (AC) electric current, in amperes. An ammeter can measure a wide range of current values because at high values only a small portion of the current is directed through the meter mechanism; a shunt in parallel with the meter carries the major portion.




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