Constant Head soil Permeability Test apparatus Permeameter


  • Brand: Civil TEST
  • Model: CP-100
  • Manufacturing Country : China
  • Country of origin: China


Constant Head soil Permeability Test apparatus Permeameter


Miniature Permeameter is a compact, multipurpose unit used to conduct constant and falling head permeability tests on both cohesive and non-cohesive soils. The device includes a Single-Tube Manometer with Constant-Head Reservoir, screens, Porous Stones, tubing, and connections.

Sediment permeability is the rate at which water can pass through sediment. It is determined using “constant head” or “falling head” permeameters, methods in which the flow through the sediment is steady (constant) or unsteady (varies over time), respectively.

What Does Permeability Test Mean? The permeability test is conducted on soils to determine the rate at which the soil allows water to flow through it. Soil permeability depends on the grain structure of the soil and the void spaces in the soil.


Model NO: CP-100

Material: Stainless Steel

Trademark: civittest

Standard: BS.ASTM

Working Principle: Water Permeability

Specification: 100mm cylinder

Origin: China



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