Digital Slide caliper 12” inches insize

  • Digital slide Calipers
  • Brand: insize
  • Range: 12 Inch
  • made in Taiwan



Digital Slide caliper 12” inches

Digi Matic Caliper is the next generation of electronic calipers. It keeps track of its origin point once set. Whenever turned on, the large LCD displays the actual slider position ready to start measurement. No more repeated zero setting is necessary with the absolute encoder technology, as well as no more concern for overspeed errors.

The principle of slide caliper
The vernier caliper uses the principle of alignment of line segments to determine the more accurate reading. The length of the object to be measured is placed in between the two jaws of the vernier calipers. Certain graduation on the vernier scale gets signed with a reading on the main scale.


Three types of slide calipers
There are 3 main types of calipers: Vernier Caliper, Digital Caliper, and Dial caliper. The designs are very similar, differing only by the way the measurement is displayed.


Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005″
Buttons: on/off, zero, mm/inch
Automatic power off, move the digital unit to turn on power
Battery CR2032
USB data output
Meet DIN862
Made of stainless steel
Optional accessory: SPC cable (page A1-A2)


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