Glass Measuring Cylinder 250ml Pyrex


Glass Measuring Cylinder

Size: 250ml

Brand: Pyrex

Made in India


Glass Measuring Cylinder 250ml Pyrex




Volumetric material. Laboratory instrument for measuring specific capacities. Generally, it is used to contain or measure volumes of liquids accurately.

They are mainly used in laboratories and also have uses in a wide range of sectors, such as:
– Meteorology
– Pharmaceuticals
– Foodstuffs
– Manufacture of craft beers, wines, musts and distillates
– Distillation processes and essential oils

Printed with the NORMAX brand name. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 4788
Tall, cylindrical vessel with a hexagonal base; to facilitate the pouring of the liquid, the measuring cylinder has a spout at the top of the mouth.
The interval measurement is calibrated at 20 °C with distilled water.
The graduation print is clear and with a longer mark at the main points.
Class A each item is batch stamped and the batch certificate is supplied with the cylinder on paper.




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