Glass Prism 38 x 38 mm


  • Glass Prism
  • Size: 38 x 38 mm
  • Country of Origin: India


Glass Prism 38 x 38 mm


Equilateral Glass Prism, Size: 38 x 38 mm, Clean and Clear Glass Prism. Optical Element, Triangle Prism. This is a professional prism for laboratory use

prism, in optics, a piece of glass or other transparent material cut with precise angles and plane faces, useful for analyzing and reflecting light. An ordinary triangular prism can separate white light into its constituent colours, called a spectrum.

Light-reflecting and light-refracting prisms are solely used in optical studies. However, prisms are used in various fields, such as architecture. They are commonly seen in telescopes, periscopes, and microscopes, but scientists also use them in research to explore how the human eye reacts to light.



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