Graphing whiteboard 32×35” inches in Bangladesh


  • Graphing whiteboard
  • Size: 32×35 inches 
  • material: wood
  • Made in Bangladesh


Graphing whiteboard 32×35” inches


Graphing whiteboards and dry erase markers, you will have everything you need to make your lessons more engaging. By visualizing information, students can learn how to present their findings, find relationships, draw conclusions, and strengthen their reasoning skills. Add interactivity to your class and steer your students toward success. We offer a selection of dry erase boards that go well in lessons involving mathematics and the sciences. They have many applications and are available in different sizes. For all of our graphing whiteboards, one side has a grid for displaying graphs and metrics – while the other side has a blank white dry erase surface.


Non-porous surfaces. Front side is lined and the back is a blank white dry erase surface.  Our Centimeter Grid Board is excellent for math and science classes. Excellent for use with metrics, graphing and plotting, Punnett squares and much more. All edges and corners are rounded for safety and durability. The board itself is a solid, wood board 1/8″ thick. Unbeatable Markerboard People quality.


Whiteboard is a set of circuits designed to allow you to power small circuit ideas on 170-point breadboards. It consists of four parts, a 3V coin cell plug-in module, a linear variable power supply, a plug-in SMD adaptor and a supporting coverlet.


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