Stop watch Q&Q HS-42 in Bangladesh



Stop watches are always used for timing purposes when certain time lapse is important for keeping tabs of whatever process is being done. Especially in the laboratory where chemical reactions are being made and monitored.



  • Stopwatch Q & Q HS-42 is an Electronic Stopwatch Suitable for the laboratories Playgrounds of schools, colleges, universities, office & polytechnics to measure a time interval.
  • Stoop Watch
  • Measure Unit: 1/100 th of a second
  • Working Range: Up to 23 Hr. 59 Min 59 Sec
  • Split Time
  • Sime: Hour, Minute, Second, Month, Date, And Day of Week
  • 12/24H Hourly Format
  • Alarm: Daily Alarm and Hourly Chime
  • Battery: Lithium Battery (CR2032)
  • Color: Black, Yellow, Red
  • Made In China


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