Concrete Rebound Hammer HT-225 Series


  • Rebound hammer
  • Brand: SS
  • Model: HT225
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Usage/Application: concrete 
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Country of origin: China


concrete test hammer

A review of 65 years of findings of the different researchers had considered for evaluating the exact correlation between the destructive and nondestructive strength with various influencing factors.

The development of testing instruments for surface hardness goes back over 100 years. Hertz’s groundbreaking work initialized hardness studies [1]. The beginning of hardness testing from the 1600s in engineering. Researchers have embraced Brinell’s technique of cementing mortar and concrete to identify correlations over the four centuries between surface hardness and concrete strength. Brinell launched steel hardness testing ball indentation technique.


In the 1930s, concrete structure testing began in-situ. At that moment, the testing techniques included chisel blow, gun shooting, split, Brinell hardness and pullout tests.  In 1934, Germany introduced the first NDT equipment for in-place concrete hardness testing, which adopted the ball indentation hardness testing technique.



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