J-Ring Apparatus set in Bangladesh


  • J – Ring Apparatus
  • ASTM grade
  • material: MS
  • include: Cone, ring, plat.
  • Made in Bangladesh


J – Ring Apparatus

The J-ring test can be used to determine the passing ability of self-consolidating concrete. It is applicable for laboratory use in testing different concrete mixtures for passing ability or can be used in the field as a quality control test. It is typical to also perform a slump flow test with the J-ring test. This test is similar to the J-ring except the J-ring is not used. The difference between the results of the two tests provides an indicator of the passing ability of the concrete.

Designed for durability, Humboldt’s J-ring set includes a slump cone, J-ring with smooth or rebar rods and steel base plate with engraved positioning rings.
The J-ring test was used to assess a strong index for the evaluation of passing ability of SCC mixture; it is possible to be used in conjunction with the slump flow test, these combined tests examined the flowing ability and the passing ability of the concrete through gaps in the obstacles, e.g. reinforcement.
• For this test, the slump test apparatus is used with an open steel rectangular section ring with 16 steel rods (ϕ16 mm) and 100 mm height.
• The gap between the bars is 42 mm.
• Wider gaps can be used when fibers are introduced to the mix which
should be 1-3 times the maximum length of fibers used,


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