Slurry Testing Apparatus in Bangladesh


  • Slurry Sand Test Kit
  • Standard: ASTM grade 
  • Include: Sand Content, Mud Viscometer, Marsh Funnel, Viscosity Cup, & Mud Hydrometer.
  • Country of origin: China


Slurry Test Kit

The Slurry Test Kit is a portable kit with materials and equipment for measuring slurry properties.

These tests comply with API Recommended Practice for Field Testing Water Based Drilling Fluids


NOTE. Notes emphasize additional information that may be useful to the reader.

MANDATORY ACTION. Gives directions that, if not observed, could result in loss of data or in damage to equipment.

WARNING! Describes an unsafe condition or practice that if not corrected, could result in personal injury or threat to health.

ELECTRICITY WARNING! Alerts the operator that there is risk of electric shock.




  • Marsh funnel
  • Measuring Cup (graduated)


Mud viscometer

  • Water value 15 ± 0.5S
  • Tube outlet hole 5mm diameter, 100mm length
  • Mezzanine measuring cup 500ml at one end and 200ml at the other


Mud hydrometer

  • The unit is g/mm3
  • 15 ± 0.5s water value
  • 140cm3 mud cup capacity
  • 0.96~3g/cm3 measurement range
  • 0.01g/cm3 accuracy measurement
  • 500(L) x 100(W) x 100(H)mm instrument size
  • Sludge sediment measuring device
  • 200mesh filter screen
  • Sand content scale 0~15 percent per cell 0.5 percent, 15~ 30 percent per cell 1 percent



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