Los Angeles Abrasion Machine in Bangladesh


  • Los Angle Abrasion Machine
  • Standard: ASTM Grade
  • Material: MS
  • Power: 220V
  • Include: tray pcs and steel ball 12pcs 47mm
  • Country of origin: Bangladesh


  • Drum size: 710 x 510 mm
  • Electric motor speed: 30-33 RPM
  • Voltage: AC380V or AC220V
  • Abrasive charges: 12


Product Description


It used to determine abrasion resistance and fragmentation of aggregate or other building materials.


The machine consists of a rolled steel drum having an inside diameter of 711 mm and internal length 508 mm.



  • Model NO. LAA-007
  • Standard: BS.ASTM
  • Aggregate Test: Laa Function
  • Display: Digital Display
  • Key Words: Aggregate Fragmentation and Abrasion Resistance
  • Specification: ms
  • Voltage: AC380V or AC220V
  • Origin: Bangladesh


After-sales Service   

  • Quick and Effective After Sales Solution: yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Material: Steel
  • Condition: New
  • Result: by Sample Grading and Weighing Get Result
  • Working Principle: Abrasion by Rotation with Steel Ball


  1. Set the counter for 500 revolutions or other value as directed by test specifications. Press the digit key under each column up or down to change the values of the digits.
  2. Set the selector to JOG.
  3. Jog the drum around to FEED.. Note: NEVER rotate the drum around by hand.
  4. Turn selector switch to OFF. Open cover and doors. Remove drum access door by loosening the upper two knobs, removing the lower two knobs, and lifting out the door. Leave the upper knobs on the drum.
  5. Load sample and appropriate abrasive charge into drum. If you are working with a large, heavy sample, divide it and load it in stages. Install door and re-tighten all four knobs. Close cover and doors.
  6. Press the reset counter button to restore the counter setting.
  7. Turn selector switch to RUN, and push START button. Drum will rotate according to the counter setting and stop automatically. If problems arise, use red emergency stop to shut off machine.
  8. At completion of test, the drum should stop with the drum access door at approximately the working position. Turn selector switch to OFF. . Push JOG button to rotate drum to FEED position. Turn selector to OFF. Open cover and doors and remove drum access door.
  9. After removing the drum access door, .Make sure pan is in position below drum. Close cover and doors.
  10. Move selector to JOG and push JOG button to rotate drum to DISCHARGE position. .
  11. After discharge is complete, JOG drum back to FEED position. Turn selector to OFF.
  12. Open top cover and doors and remove pan. LOADED PAN WILL BE HEAVY. . GET HELP IF NECESSARY. Dump pan and replace pan under drum.
  13. Close doors and cover. Set selector to OFF. Throw machine lockout switch to OFF.




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