Specific Gravity Density Apparatus in Bangladesh


  • Specific gravity frame 
  • Standard: ASTM grade
  • balance: 0.1gm to 15kg
  • Water tank: 15-20ltr
  • Material: MS
  • Country of origin: Bangladesh


Specific Gravity Density Apparatus


  1. Adjustable water tank for raising or lowering
  2. In-built anti-interference shield
  3. Reliable and stable results
  4. Standard interface output with unit conversion
  5. Easy to operate and maintain



Should be includes:


  1. Lifting frame for Buoyancy balances
  2. Tank capacity 15kg
  3. Electronic Balance 16kg x 0.1g with auto density calculation
  4. Sample plate

Country of origin: Bangladesh

Warranty: 1 (One) year warranty from the date of installation of the instrument.

Specific Gravity Density apparatus, Buoyancy Balance. Consists of a rigid support frame, incorporating a water tank mounted on a platform.. The Electronic Digital Balance 10 kg x 0.5 gram supplied with frame, water tank, suspension hook, Wire basket 200×200 mm


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